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Recovery of Assets

OMS offer asset retrieval services to locate and help recover stolen or miss-appropriated property worldwide. Vessels for repossession, individuals for repatriation, each has a unique method and strategy for operational success.

Maritime Asset Retrieval
Today’s global insurance market is a reflection of its longevity and global economic stability i.e. the standard market covers are both comprehensive and in the majority well priced. Having said that, there have been a number of changes in the threat or risk level within the marine sphere of operations which have created challenges for the insurers providing standard covers.

Some examples are; sabotage, organised criminal activity, piracy and cargo theft. Although none of these are new it can be seen that the frequency and magnitude of these global activities are increasing. The cost to business of containing the threat to commercial operations is rising to such a level the heightened risk is introducing a detrimental financial effect to the maritime business owner and may threaten their ability to effectively carryout commercial trade.

Kidnap/Extortion Hostage Negotiation
OMS crisis management team has secured a highly trained and internationally experienced cadre of kidnap negotiation specialists. Drawn from police, academic and military backgrounds, members of this group have delivered training, consultancy and most importantly service in demanding and hostile environments worldwide.