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Event Management

OMS offers emergency response to serious incidents and command at major events. Our team have first-hand experience of operating at both the front line and senior command levels dealing with a wide variety of critical and non-critical incidents in the United Kingdom and throughout the World.

Issues dealt with (but not limited to) include:-

  • Major terrorist attacks upon Capitol Cities
  • Major terrorist attacks upon Critical Infrastructure
  • Public disorder
  • Public celebrations
  • Major sporting events
  • Accidents contingency and emergency response
  • Disasters contingency planning and recovery
  • Public demonstrations at events
  • Royal and ceremonial events internationally

The team provide:-

  • Event led briefings, debriefings, risk or threat analysis
  • Developed memorandums of understanding between key partner agencies
  • Captured organisational learning and cemented with ongoing training
  • Developed state and organisational policy
  • Introduced standard operating procedures
  • Apply best practice