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Expedition Logistic Support

OMS provide logistic security and communications support for jungle and desert expeditions or deployment to volatile or extreme regions worldwide. Services include meeting the group at the airport, provision of transport, secure transfer to hotel or base camps, base camp construction, life support, communication and medical back up, or expedition management and general security services.

OMS will combine multiple service elements to produce the most secure and discretionary security and logistic package that ensures the expedition party have a unique and enjoyable experience.

Geo-security assessments provide a secure platform for planning due-diligence.

Factors such as;

  • Route selection
  • Provision of sustenance and fuel
  • Regional laws
  • Local unrest
  • Volatile areas
  • Gang fractions relating activity type operating in the region
  • Poaching
  • Theft
  • Kidnapping.

The expedition management team will liaise with local emergency services and private extraction companies to secure the safety and well-being of the group.

Pre-expedition survival and emergency training will be provided prior to the off-set.

Our Expedition officers are ex-Special Forces with key skill sets to protect and manage any group, anywhere.