Offshore Marine Security: Enabling our clients to secure assets, build capacity and protect communities. Our business is your security.

Land Based Services Overview

OMS offers world class mission critical management and asset protection service’s across complex commercial, physical and logistical environments where high value programmes and special projects require a unique protection to the stake holder maintaining at all times the brand and reputation of the client and the asset.

With multiple industries reliant on each other as an integral supply point of the logistic chain, OMS delivers strategic programme development on behalf of the client where an in-depth knowledge is required across multiple industry areas applying best management practices throughout resulting in complex project commissioning, on time and on budget. With strategic networks around the world OMS can respond to international requests applying local knowledge to Government, private and industry requirements in the shipping, land, off-shore, oil & gas, aviation, maritime, high profile events, mining and construction markets.

Company Ethos
It is an integrated world, OMS offers world class mission critical management and protection services across a complex commercial, physical and logistical environment where high value programmes and special projects require a unique protection applying best practices and maintaining at all times the clients asset security, brand and reputation.”

“In a World of continuous 24 hour media coverage, a Country, City or Organisation’s response to a crisis is exposed to the World.”

The world operates 24x7. To remain competitive, organisations must be able to react and respond in a volatile world where commercial obligations and physical presence remain imperative. Being able to respond to a Government, business or personal requirement effectively and professionally, whether it be in-house operations or to an individual client mobilisation, requires a true assessment of the clients operating mechanisms and a deep understanding of the on-the-ground or in-country environment concerned. These factors will determine and contribute to the impact of success or failure of the response. OMS will react immediately to implement solutions that protect the client’s assets and interests and ensure the success of the client’s mission or requirement.

Security Solutions
Security is an all-encompassing solution not a product. The OMS provide integrated security solutions to meet the bespoke operational objectives and project requirements of the client. The division is managed by a team of ex-British Special Forces operatives, integrated with commercial and business specialists, who have an impressive portfolio of deployments and vast experience of operational and business contracting and methodology.

OMS recognise the challenges facing organisations or individuals operating in developing nations, extreme or volatile regions and understand the need to protect your employees, assets and operations by effectively managing risk, delivery and fulfilment of the project or assignment.

By implementing an OMS security solutions programme you are ensuing that duty of care responsibilities, best practice corporate governance and sustainable commercial development is actioned. Best management practices and code of conduct define business operations in accordance with international humanitarian law and recognised moral and ethical standards.