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The most successful innovative vessel hardening, anti-boarding technique is provided by Guardian-Maritime. Offshore Marine Security is pleased to associate and work in conjunction with Guardian-Maritime, supplier of Guardian-Maritime anti-boarding system. If the threat achieves boarding a vessel or off-shore facility, security operations are significantly increased to make safe. The solution, prevent unwanted boarding.

Fast becoming the market alternative to razor wire and the use of unarmed guarding options with proven market success against attack.

Oil and Gas operations and vessel operators looking for security solutions to the Gulf of Guinea, Straits of Malacca, the Gulf of Aden or indeed, any high threat waters. Guardian-Maritime is the most innovative cost effective anti-boarding system on the market to-date for use where an armed security force is not easily or comfortably applied.

The solution provides full anti-boarding under sail, at anchor or at port by any threat wishing to conduct illegal activities, stow-away, cargo theft, kidnap and ransom threats.

Offshore Marine Security will provide armed and non-armed teams to vessels using Guardian-Maritime with significant K&R insurance reductions to operators through our leading industry insurance associate.

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